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Voice Overs
Printing Services
Our websites offer our clients the ability to edit thier own pages once the site has been created. Best of all, they offer Facebook and Social Media solutions that make updating your website easier. 
Here are some of the features Provided:

Google Maps                                         Video Players                                           Mailing Lists                                          Contact Forms

PayPal Options                                    Soundcloud Player                                 Image Galleries                                    Twitter Feeds
FB Image Galleries                             FB Timelines                                             FB Events                                                Many More FB Actions
Graphic Animations                           Video Gallery Panels

NEW Domain Name:                                $15.00 Esitimated
Services through                                          avg Recurring/Yr
We do NOT manage domain name services                  Customer Responsibility
other than pointing your Domain Name to
your hosting site.

Hosting:                                                           $7.99/Month
Must use our hosting company. We do not                    recurring fee/month

manage outside hosting companies.                                  Customer Responsibility

Menu Page Design:                                   $100.00/Menu Page
Menu Page is any page that is included in

the navigation bar at the top of your page.

Sub Pages                                                       
$50.00/Sub Page
Any page that is linked from a menu page

and it NOT part of the navigation menu.

Page Updates:                                              $25.00 fee + $25.00/hr

Phone Implementation                            $25.00/page
Your website can be optimized and designed

to work on Apple and Android Phones. 
Elements of a Web Site
Websites use Domain Names to point to a web page Hosting company. It's like a file cabinet that has a lot of pages and files in it. 

Each "File Folder" contains a webpage. Our webpages are organized into Menu Pages and Sub Pages. 

A Menu Page is any page linked from the navigation menu bar at the top of the page and is considered a primary page.

A Sub Page is any page that helps to explain something that is on a Menu Page.