Photo Booth
We offer a Manned Photobooth ​for your special events featuring live printing onsite.

Our photographers make sure your images are sharp and just right for your photobooth.

No matter the size of your groups, our photo booth is ready and we have custom solutions for whatever venue you're at. 

We have fun! Youre guests can do a serious portrait, whimsical group shot or go all out crazy with our Party Favor goodies, hats and more.
What we can Print: 
We have 4x6 and 5x7 Thermal PhotoLab Printers that produce a top quality photo within 5 seconds each print. 

We can print live and onsite in either one of the 2 sizes, 5x7 or 4x6 or 4 wallet size photos.

​By The Hour
2 Hours $375.00
3 Hours $475.00
​4 Hours $575.00​​

​Photobooth Tier Pricing
Event Base                         $100.00
This fee is required to book us for the event. 
Then you select the type of photos and how

many you'd like. We will print up to the allotted
amount of each package at your event. Services
are prepaid for your package. If you want to go
over that amoung during your event, that's ok
we will take you to the next teir for the difference
at the conclusion of the event.

Base +
​4 up Wallets
4 Wallet Sized Photos for Sharing with friends. These are one photo 
duplicated 4 times. It is not a series of 4 different photos.
Up to 100 Photos          $250.00
Up to 150 Photos          $300.00
Up to 200 Photos          $350.00
Up to 350 Photos          $575.00

4x6 Photo
1 Photo on a 4x6 
Up to 100 Photos          $225.00
Up to 150 Photos          $275.00
Up to 200 Photos          $325.00
Up to 350 Photos          $650.00

5x7 Photo
1 Photo on a 5x7 
Up to 100 Photos          $275.00
Up to 150 Photos          $325.00
Up to 200 Photos          $400.00
Up to 350 Photos          $700.00

​If you do not want to do a package and simply want to pay for how many are printed onsite, then these are the prices for a per photo option.

4 Wallets                            $3.00/Photo
Per Photo 4x6                 $3.00/Photo
Per Photo 5x7                 $4.00/Photo

We Print With Quality! 
We are not offering you INKJET photos that don't lastt! 

1. These photos are ready to go as soon as they come off of the printer with absolutely no dry time.

2. Our printers are the same that Walmart, CVS and Walgreens use in their self service Kiosk systems and offer an archival, 4 color, Thermal print with a lamination coating to protect it for a long time. 

Your guests will be able to cherish thier images for years to come!



Tier Package Pricing:
Tier Package Pricing allows you the most flexible option for your event. This allows your guests to have as many photos as they need or want without breaking the bank. Most of the time your guest will want one of themselves and one for whoever is with them. Photos will also be shared on our FB page after your event where your freinds can tag themselves. Amount of images on FB must match your print package number. 

Special borders can be added for your event with Logos, Names, Event Date and any other text you'd like to have added to it. This is printed on each photo.


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