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AutoCAD 2d Design work takes on many forms. We have used AutoCAD for many projects. Here's a list of

things we have done and what we can do for you. 

- Construction Floorplans for Permit Submittal.

- Stage Layouts and Band Riders. 

- Special Event Chair and Table Layouts .

- County Code Layouts for Circus Tents and temporary structures

   with  Emergency Exit Plans.

- Permanent Structure Emergency Exit Layout Plans.

- Electrical Service Designations.

- Computer Equipment Mounting Hardware and Plates  for R&D Projects    

   and Specialty Machines.

- Real Estate Graphic Floorplans.

- As-Built Drawings showing how something was built.

- CNC Cutting Plans for cutting with Water Jet or Blade Cutters and CNC

- WaterJet Cut and Fold Plans.

- Basic Operation 2d AutoCAD Software Training.

Construction/Research and Development
As-Builts                                                         $45.00/hr
Const. Submittal                                        $45.00/hr
Flat Plate CNC                                           $45.00/hr
Folded CNC                                                 $65.00/hr
2D AutoCAD Software Training
                                                                            + $15/add Person

Stage Layouts                                               $35.00/hr

Band Stage Layouts
3-5 pc Band                                                   $300.00
6-12 pc Band                                                $500.00
12pc-Orch                                                     $1200.00

MLS/Real Estate
AutoCAD/Photoshop 2D Rendering

MLS FP Layouts                                          $45.00/hr
Floorplan Gradients

Publication FP's                                          $50.00/hr
Floorplan Colorization


Floor Plans

Publication Floor Plans

Staging Plans - Band Riders